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Improvisation and New Music

For thousands of years mankind has placed music at the center of community gatherings, celebrations, and social functions. It is truly a universal language. You can feel this at live shows. There is nothing quite like it. There is an energy that flows from live performers and is reciprocated by the audience, and everyone involved is somehow lifted by the experience. We love to perform, we've all been doing it since we were young kids. Over the years we've honed our craft and learned how to best respond to each live setting, crafting and performing our set specific for each event. We've been having a lot of fun lately creating textures and even songs right on the spot at live events to fit the mood. Conn is actually really good at coming up with lyrics to fit the moment- a skill he has developed over many years of constant song making. You start to see the world differently the more you use the lens of music in your life.

We feel like a musician needs to be a craftsman- a great deal of care needs to be put into the way the music is presented. There is a spirit to creating that is infectious- and we're really caught up in it now. We're excited to be working on new original songs for an upcoming album release. In the meantime, you'll find us improvising and stretching boundaries on stage- working out new ideas, trying to make moments count, and sharing in the celebration of music that brings people together better than anything else. It feels like the world needs that more than ever these days. Til' next time- we hope to see you out on the road this year.



A Summer Mountain Wedding at the St Regis Deer Valley

We had a fabulous time at this St Regis Deer Valley Wedding.  As with most outdoor summer Park City weddings, we performed for different stages as the event progressed, at cocktails we performed fun nostalgic classic jazz tunes like "The Way You Look Tonight" and "What a Wonderful World" then as guests were seated for dinner, we were there to greet them with current pop hits and remixed jazz classics like "All of me" by John Legend and "Love me Like You Do" by Ellie Goulding.  As the plates were cleared and speeches finished we performed the couple's first and parent dances, then we rolled up our sleeves and dg into some DJ+Drums+vocals dance music a la Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, Justin Timberlake, and others, eventually transitioning into DJed music for a full-tilt dance party.  

We love performing at the St Regis Deer valley!

Photos by Britt Chudleigh

Gold Standard performs for Cincinnati Wedding at historic Transept

Gold Standard was happy to be a part of a couple's celebration at The Transept in Cincinnati last month.  As guests arrived by pedicab from the ceremony site a few blocks away, we performed nostalgic jazz and guests' special requests for the cocktail hour in the basement.   Once it was time for dinner, we moved upstairs to perform remixed versions of classic and current music, then continued for dancing and then DJ mode to keep the party going late.    We loved Cincinnati and would come back in a heartbeat!  Our only regret is that we had to leave so soon.

P.S. We loved Graeter's Ice Cream and Revolution Rotisserie!

Gold Standard featured in the Knot's Best 50 weddings across all 50 States

Gold Standard was happy to be featured in the Knot at this gorgeous Fuse destination wedding for their annual "Best 50 Weddings Across all 50 States."  Photos by Kendra Elise Photography.

utah jazz band

The wedding was an example of Gold Standard at its best, integrating live music throughout ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing. 

Rob miked the officiant and groom with lightweight lavalier clip-on wireless microphones during the ceremony, to ensure that all guests could enjoy the ceremony and vows crystal clear over the state-of-the-art EV sound system.  Conn sang "Better Together" and other favorites as requested during the ceremony, then Bart and Rob joined in to perform jazz and popular classics to entertain guests as the couple and family took pictures.  

Conn and Rob Perform Jack Johnson's "Better Together" during the wedding ceremony.  

Conn and Rob Perform Jack Johnson's "Better Together" during the wedding ceremony.  

Gold Standard then moved inside the tent to invite guests to be seated for dinner with fun remixes and jazz remakes of current and past hits.  

The wedding dinner ambiance was set with remixes of current and past hits performed by Gold Standard. 

The wedding dinner ambiance was set with remixes of current and past hits performed by Gold Standard. 

Toasts and thank you's were given by the Bridal party and family, using the high-quality wireless hand held microphone which is available at any Gold Standard event.  A wireless mic allows guests to stand and give toasts anywhere in the room, rather than being restricted by a wired microphone near the band.  The wedding party sang the couple's Alma Mater theme song, and a few tears were shed as family and friends joined in to congratulate the newlyweds.

The couple's first dance was performed live by wedding jazz band Gold Standard.  

The couple's first dance was performed live by wedding jazz band Gold Standard.  

  After Gold Standard performed the couple's first and parent dances, it was time to party with DJ lights, electronic beats, and fun popular music.  After the guests had their fill of live music it was time to take it up a notch with EDM and old-school hip hop hits DJed by Rob, keeping the party going late into the night.  

Hiring a Band vs. DJ for your wedding


Music is an essential part of a wedding, and the decision to hire a band or a DJ can be difficult.  Here are a few things to consider:

What is the feel or vibe you are going for?  Music is often what people remember most from a wedding.   

Whether you hire a band or a DJ for your event, a variety of music is needed to appeal to the age range which attends a wedding, keeping your grandparents and the bridal party entertained.    

Budget can be an important factor in the decision making process.  If you hire a string quartet for the ceremony, a jazz band for the cocktails and dinner portion, and a DJ for the dancing, things can get more expensive.   Swing bands can consist of 25 people or more, while DJs often come alone to do the event.  

How much room do you have to set up in at each point of the wedding, and how many different locations will music be needed?  Weddings can have up to 5 different locations for ceremony, cocktails, dinner, reception, and dancing.   Is the band or DJ able to provide music in each of these locations?  Will they need to move from one to another, or do they have enough equipment to set up multiple sound systems or speakers?

Will the band be able to keep the music going while they are on breaks?  No band will play music continuously for the 3-8 hours needed for a wedding.  What is the plan for when they take a break?

Do you want to hear music exactly as you know it, or do you want to hear a musician's interpretation of the hits?  Some bands play songs much like a karaoke track, nearly exactly like the original, some bands remake them to be their own.  Will you have a band perform your first dance, or are you thinking of having it played by a DJ?

It’s good to see the band or DJ perform live.  Also, long before the event a good band or DJ will ask you questions about your musical preferences, family songs and special song requests to make sure your event goes smoothly.  

Because Gold Standard integrates a DJ into the band, our clients can have the best of both worlds: DJ or live music for ceremony, live band for cocktails and reception, and DJ for dancing.